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We’re here to to tell interesting stories and set new trends in the social culture. We are the platform audiences turn to for quality entertainment, viral content and trending stories.

We explore the depths of the Pashtun internet and generate original and curated content that is loved by Pashtuns around the globe.

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About us

PashtoScoop is the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to thousands of Pashtuns around the world.

Our massive cross-platform network includes: PashtoScoop Originals, which creates articles, lists, quizzes, and documentaries; PashtoScoop Media Brands, which comprises a portfolio of identity-driven lifestyle brands including Kasmeh!, Malghalari, and PashtoScoop Foodies, Pashto's first ever social food network.

Our promise

A brand promise is an idea that reflects our core truths. It defines the experience we want to deliver to our customers and to ourselves.

We're here to deliver news and stories that matters.

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  • PashtoScoop is the leading digital media company delivering news and entertainment to thousands of Pashtuns around the world.


    We generate relevant and engaging content for audiences who love to read trending stories, youngsters scrolling through memes and youth changemakers who want to bring a change in the social culture.

  • For Pashtuns around the world, there is media content almost only consisting of mainstream news, politics, and melodramatic television shows (that our grandmothers enjoy).

    There really wasn't a great content platform for Pashtuns that allowed them to express their genius to an audience of like-minded individuals. And that's where we kicked in!

  • PashtoScoop is for young, opinionated, culture-rich, energetic and open-minded individuals who believe in the freedom of expression and dare to ask questions.

    We act as a trailblazer to bridge the gap between the Pashtun community and the worldwide mainstream media. We write on reality-based controversies, social issues, culture, history, news stories and viral content.

Our values

Culture First

Culture is core to everything we do. Every step we take, every content we make and every digital experience we build is dedicated to the pashtun community, their culture and their language.

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Bold and Unstoppable

We think big, and work tirelessly to generate quality content. From our global creative content network and partners, to our ongoing dialogue with the pashtun community, to the new ways we curate content—we will never stop pushing for the kinds of groundbreaking changes to generate the best quality content possible.

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The way we create, publish, and deliver our content begins and ends with the interests and needs of the community we represent. We come to work every day with a higher purpose in mind—to remain a great content platform for Pashtuns around the world. From collaborating with our partners to serving the community, we work to bring a positive change in the society using social media influence.


Our team

20+ freelance employees around the world!

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